The real life of a beauty blogger..

This is an unedited resume of one of my last Saturdays.

From a super glamourous makeup event at the Sheraton Diane Majestic…

… where, together with the Max Factor team and all the cool Milanese beauty bloggers, we discussed new makeup trends for the new season ahead (full report to follow very soon..)…

to… the supermarket.

Still with my “Gothic” / “Black Sophisticated” makeup (apparently a big makeup trend this Autumn / Winter 2013…)

The “Black Sophisticated”: what to wear to look hype at dinners this winter..

or what to wear to look like a VIP at 3pm in your local supermarket!

22 thoughts on “The real life of a beauty blogger..

    1. Isac

      I am going to treavl to Italy this Summer. I will see Rome, Florence and Venice. I have good treavl guides of Rome and Venice, but all I can find here about Florence is included In Tuscany books, so the information is very incomplete. What would you advice me to see? Thanks for your help. I’ll be 4 days in Rome, 3 in Rome and 3 in Venice. By the way, I plan to treavl to treavl to these places by train. Do you know if I need to reserve the tickets before the treavl?

  1. Sam

    Hi doll, thanks for stopping by :) I have been following you with Bloglovin, do you have a GFC link that I can also follow? This seems like a great event, did they teach you to apply the new trends? You look far too stylish to do a supermarket run! Gothic makeup is cool!

    1. Rosa

      Hi,My parents (about 60years age) plan to visit Italy in July 2007. Would aynnoe be able to recommend a good and reliable operator who can pick them up from Venice (Treviso Airport) and arrange all sights, accomodation, meals and then drop them off at Treviso airport again?Would really appreciate your response from what you may have experienced earlier. Thanks.

  2. Dorothy

    lolllllllll real life photos. I should consider having some of those on my blog! I’m jealous of that makeup event you attended, looks like a lot of fun hehe

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  4. Ruci

    If you want to see Tuscany the simplest way would be: Bologna-Florence-Lucca-Pisa-Genoa-Nice. Actually Florence would deresve more than some hours to be visited, you’d better try to stay at least one day. Lucca and Pisa are much smaller and one can visit both in half day each.Other idea would be the road SS9 Via Emilia to Piacenza, then the connection towards Genoa. It would be faster and cheaper (SS9 is free). The area is less known and less touristy than Tuscany, perhaps a bit less amazing, but I think it could be worth to be visited. Some cities like Modena and Parma (so Ferrara and Ravenna, but they are out of your way) are very nice too.

  5. Ken

    We are a group of 6 in our early 30s, most married, and bnesuiss working professionals who need a nice vacation before some of start thinking about starting a family. We want to visit Rome, Milan, Florence in about 12 days. Since it’s our first time, we want to visit the major sites, do some serious outlet shopping, and enjoy some fine dining, and maybe visit some special experiences like visiting a winery or taking an italian cooking class, etc. We would sincerely appreciate a referral to someone who can plan all of this out for us and guide us all over Italy. We are definitely willing to pay for a great experience since we don’t get to travel as much as we’d like to. We would like to stay at nicer hotels, ideally some with elevators. Thanks in advance!!

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