Domus Academy

Milan Fashion Schools: Domus Academy

I went to visit the Domus Academy at one of their Open Day the other week to understand what sort of programs they were offering. Here is my summary.

The Domus Academy is specialised in and offers only master courses, not undergraduate programs. They recently however started to develop summer courses (for a full list click here). In 1994, the school received the Compasso d’Oro Career Award for the quality of its teaching and in 2009, for the 3rd consecutive year, Business Week included it in the 60 best design schools in the world.

The Masters are truly international because they are all taught in English and the students hence come from all over the world.

The Masters start either in September or January and lasts 12 months divided in 3 parts:

– Part 1 where you study fundamentals such as Psychology, Marketing & Management.

– Part 2 where you study your specialised area in details (Fashion Design, Accessories Design, Fashion Management, etc.. depending o which Master you choose).

– Part 3 where you collaborate with a company or designer and work individually on creating your own project for them. This to me is the great selling point of Domus, i.e. the fact that it is heavily project-based and provides a great opportunity to network with companies already during the time of the Master program.

So.. who did they collaborated with (I am just quoting some of the companies they worked with, for some of the Masters which interested me – for a full list click here)?

– Fashion Design: Versace, Veuve Cliquot or Havainas.

– Accessories Design: Cartier, Swarovski.

– Fashion Management: Fendi, L’Oreal, Montblanc.

– Marketing of Luxury Goods: This is a new program so there is no data on this yet, though you might probably guess from the companies collaborating for the other masters.

What sort of career to aim for after?

Fashion Design: well according to them, Fashion Designer of course, but also Art Director, Trend Searcher or even Product Manager. On the freelance side, Style Consultant, Stylist, Cool Hunter or Fashion Editor.

Accessories Design: you can of course work for any company in that field but maybe also think about becoming a Creative or Management Consultant if you prefer to work freelance.

Fashion Management: Product / Brand Manager, Merchandising / Communication Manager, Fashion Buyer (for info, they did collaborate with the Italian Chamber of Buyers too which to me is a good sign).

– Marketing of Luxury Goods: more or less the same as for Fashion Management but and on the free lance side, Consultant for Luxury & Lifestyle Products or Services.

Domus Academy

Domus Academy

Most famous alumni? Anna dello Russo (Editor for Vogue Japan)! This surprised me so much.. thought she went to Marangoni.. maybe she did both? Well in any case, I guess this is one more good news re the school.

Finally, one last thing: they do offer scholarships.. so if interested, check this out closely as their fees are otherwise super high (typical of any Fashion schools in Milan). xx

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