Accademia del Lusso

Milan Fashion Schools: Accademia del Lusso

The other day I went to the Open Day of the Accademia del Lusso, a private school specialised in Fashion and Design, located right on the very fashionable via Montenapoleone (at number 5 to be exact). I have to say that I had a bit of a bad a priori.. their name sounded a bit pretentions to me.. but I decided to keep my mind open and visit all fashion schools of Milan equally to get a better opinion.First good news, this school actually exists since 2005 in 7 different cities.. which I guess is a sign of seriousness (?).

Secondly, the staff started to reassure me that they have direct contact with all the major fashion houses in Milan and do offer students collaboration with them and that placing their student is a key objective for them. When I tried to check with the students I met there, I was indeed told that they had placement with firms (and even tickets for fashion shows..), even if their placement had not for the moment led to a permanent job offer (but they had just graduated)..

Accademia del Lusso

Accademia del Lusso

So.. what sort of program do they offer exactly?

  • 2 “long” programs: the Post Diploma (600 hours – 3 years) & the Master (600 hours plus 520 hours of internship)
  • 2 “short”  programs: the Professional Course (180 hours – 3 to 9 months) & the Short Course (60 hours – 3 months).
Accademia del Lusso

Accademia del Lusso

The true originality of this school – for me – is their Professional Course program. With this program, you can choose 3 short courses (so yes, the Professional Course = 3 Short Courses) among the long list of short courses that the school offers. The list is indeed very long: from more classic courses such as Fashion Design, Brand / Product Management or Styling, Fashion Communication / Public Relations / Event Management to newest things such as Trends & Cool Hunting, Image Consulting, Visual MerchandisingFashion Editing & Journalism, or even Fashion Photography & Wedding Planner or courses such as How to Set up your own Business.. the list is very long and hence allow to everyone to pick and choose exactly the specific areas you want to specialise in. From the more creative side to the sales techniques, they cover pretty much everything. There are either Day Classes or Evening Classes too so they are flexible till the end.

Accademia del Lusso

Accademia del Lusso

If interested, feel free to check out their website for more information and who knows.. maybe see you there next year ;)

Accademia del Lusso, via Montenapoleone 5, Milano

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