Max Factor 2000 Calories Mascara

Happy Bday to the 2000 Calorie Mascara!

The other day, at the Max Factor Make Up School, the Max Factor MUA team presented me their special… 2000 calorie mascara! I have to say that I got quite intrigued by this curious name…  but it is not till today, when my old Diorshow mascara died, that I decided to try this new one out! So.. what is this mascara all about?

Well it is a special patented formula.. which contains liquid crystals (for the length and colume) and a special wax & water emulsion (to make sure it won’t dry out and hold up all night long. The formula is such a success that it is celebrating this year its 20th birthday! 

Max Factor 2000 Calories Mascara

Max Factor – The 2000 Calories Mascara Line

For the occasion, Max Factor decided to create 3 variations of it (but still the same formula each time): “Dramatic Volume” for high drama lashes, “Waterproof Volume”, and “Curved Brush” to volumise and curl.

The Curved Brush Volume & Curl Model

The Curved Brush Volume & Curl Model

The Dramatic Volume Model

The Dramatic Volume Model

The Waterproof Volume Model

The Waterproof Volume Model

With summer already here with us in Italy, I chose the Waterproof Volume of course. My opinion?

Well I did not had any problem of excess mascara or clumps, which is usually the number one problem I look up for in mascara. It also seems to hold on pretty well though pls note that I have not been able to test it in real water condition yet (though I tried hard to explain to my boyfriend that it was my blogger duty to test it live in the water of the Mediterranee.. he seems to think that the water of the shower should be enough for the moment..;(  On the volume side, you do get a pretty nice reasonable volume (I guess it is mostly aimed at being worn during the day so if you really want dramatic effect go for the other formulas) but mostly.. I think you get a really shinny effect which really surprised me! So overall, yes, v happy with this new mascara.. even if, in any case, how could I possibly resist putting 2000 calorie on my lashes when the rest of my body is currently otherwise in its traditional mid-year detox! Let my eyelashes be happy at least ;)

Now.. what is going to be your waterproof mascara this summer? Any summer beauty secret to share? 

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