One Year Anniversary!

Thanks god it’s Friday and this Friday is actually.. my one year blog anniversary! To celebrate the day, here are a couple of pics of my best blogging moments so far! Cause I don’t know for you.. but what I preferred about blogging so far is.. 

All the nice stuffs you get to learn.. (what do you mean you can need a brush to apply your foundation??)

The ability to sneak in showrooms for the press days and touch around everything I want.. (pls note that I did not break anything so far this year..)

All the nice stuffs you get to test: here the “enlighted gloss” (to use in disco clubs..what I forgot to tell you about this one?)

All the nice people you get to meet. Here Neptune.

And finally: all the nice things which hairdressers try on me at certain events. Here the Nellie Oleson style ;)

Anyway, no, joke apart, I really enjoyed blogging this year.. it is an amazing experience and I feel very lucky to have so many friends and persons reading (and supporting) me. This truly is the best part. Thanks to all of you!!! I am very touched (truly)..

4 thoughts on “One Year Anniversary!

  1. Marie

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETY!! c’est fou ce que cette année est passée vite et en même temps j’ai l’impression que ça fait bien plus d’un an que je te lis avec toujours autant de plaisir: continue comme ça !

  2. Anne

    Happy Birthday !!! Hope it’s the first of many…
    Wish you a sunny weekend and hope to read from you soon ;)


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