Post-Easter Diet ;)

Post-Easter Diet

Post-Easter Diet

This week was Press Day Week in Milan (with all major Showrooms opening their doors to Journalists and Bloggers to discover the new Fall / Winter trends) and next week is Milan Design Week with the world famous Salone del Mobile (Furniture Fair) taking place. I heard Lenny Kravitz teamed up with Philippe Stark to create real cool “Mademoiselle” chairs.. and that Pierre Sarkosy (yes, that’s right.. as in the French President’s son) is coming to djay at the party.. though, I am not too sure how ‘cool’ is that last one news.. So, anyway, I am still terrible busy writing my notes on all the extremely interesting – and friendly – Press Day events I have been invited to and getting organised for all upcoming Design Events of next week which I hope are going to be very inspiring.. but in the meantime, here is a little joke to make you smile (please take it third degree..this is humour). Happy weekend everyone and stay tune cause there’ll be plenty of super cool things to discover very soon! xoxo

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