Louis Vuitton Trunk

Louis Vuitton Legendary Trunks

The Louis Vuitton Trunk is one of the most iconic luxury travel accessories in the world. In a book entitled  “100 legendary trunks”, Louis Vuitton unveiled amazing images from its archives, showing the history of its trunks, which have been designed to hold everything from camp beds to birthday cake! The 100 featured trunks are divided into 5 sections according to the people who (were lucky enough to) owned them: Explorers & Adventurers, Crowned Heads & Aristocrats, Dandies & Fashionable LadiesArtists & Scholars, and Hedonists & Eccentrics… Nice.. hum.. I am wondering which one I would have loved to be most.. can you feat in all categories at the same time? ;)

Louis Vuitton has also produced 30 reproductions of labels of hotels in a postcard format which are represented in the tradition of sticking labels on the trunks. The cards evoke the art of the luxury travel in the grand hotels of the world from the Crillon in Paris to the Mandarin Oriental in Bangkok.. Travelling is an art in itself at Vuitton!!

To celebrate the “art of travelling”, here is a little selection of Louis Vuitton’s most extravagant creations.. from the old days to the new!

Louis Vuitton Bed Trunk.. Yes, it did exist!

The Library Trunk.. also did exist!

Louis Vuitton Trunk

The Shoes Trunk (vintage from the 1920s).. now this I totally understand ;))

Louis Vuitton Trunk

The Vanity Case designed by Sharon Stone for amfAR Foundation.. also on my Wish List..

Louis Vuitton Trunk

The Trunk designed specialement for Karl Lagerfeld.. capable of carrying his.. 40 ipods! Anyone knows why he needs so many..?

Louis Vuitton Trunk

A very special one: Sent by Vuitton for Selfridges’ 100th birthday, this Cake Trunk was used to transport a birthday cake, a set of 4 dessert forks, 4 dessert spoons and a cake server. It is lined in yellow which is the iconic color of Selfridges. It was on display in Selfridges’ Personal Shopping section at the time.. lucky those who using personal shoppers and vive the world of luxury for its extravaganza!

Louis Vuitton Trunk

And lastly, my favourite: the Christmas Decorations Trunk!

Louis Vuitton Trunks

Now.. Which one would you have designed??

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