Hotel Costes, Paris

Hotel Costes, Paris

For all the fashionistas who do not want to miss a thing when in Paris, I recommend paying a visit to the lounge bar (or to the restaurant – preferably lunch time!) of the sumptuous Hotel Costes, one of Paris’ most glamorous hotel and an all times celebrities favourite (Claudia Schiffer and co were indeed spotted there.. among many others). Perfectly located in the rue St-Honoré Fashion District, this hotel was designed by French star architect Jacques Garcia who created a super cool sort of Napolean III-ish atmosphere full of cosy red velvet and opulent chic!

Hotel Costes, Paris

Hotel Costes, Paris

Needless to say, dressing to kill is of course strongly advised to get in this place..!

Hotel Costes, Paris

Hotel Costes, Paris

Hotel Costes, Paris

The lounge bar is notoriously known for its music, mixed by Stephane Pompougnac, the resident DJ, who did a whole CD collection specially for the Costes. That guy mixed at many famous Parisian clubs before but the funny story is that he had also actually worked as a waiter in one of the Costes bars before (the Costes brothers indeed own several places in Paris) many years before before his career went up! From waiter to resident DJ, not bad hein? Pompougnac is also “Fashion Famous” for having made the music at several fashion shows like Gucci and Yves Saint-Laurent.

Hotel Costes, Paris

Now, above, I said “lounge bar” or “restaurant” – not “hotel” cause the rooms are totally out of Fashionistas’ Budgets (I mean if you come to Paris, it is still mainly to shop, not to sleep no?), but in case you were wondering, this is how rooms look like.. Napoleonish extravaganza I told you!

Hotel Costes, Paris

Happy FW everyone!

11 thoughts on “Hotel Costes, Paris

  1. Mademoiselle Poirot

    Salut, thanks so much for your very lovely and flattering comment on my blog, I really appreciate it.

    I wish I could afford to stay in that hotel – or any of the luxury hotels in Paris/London/Milan etc. Unfortunately my budget doesn’t really stretch to that either…

    Have a lovely evening, bisous xo


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