Inglot, Milano

Private Tour of Milan’s new MakeUp Store: Inglot – The Spring Trends!

The other day, Ilaria, my favourite make-up artist from the Cosmopolitan photoshoot I did last year with the other Milanese Fashion Bloggers (read post here), took me out for a little tour of Milan’s new make-up store: Inglot.

Inglot, Milano

This is Ilaria. Say hi to her on her facebook page which is full of tutorials (btw, if you live in Milan, she is also doing private make-up lessons, so if interested, drop her a msg!)

Inglot, Milano

Ilaria was wearing a deep blue pullover which she matched with an insane deep blue/violet and green makeup which she calls her “Viola Verde Shock” makeup.. stunning!

Inglot, Milano

Together with the Inglot team, we reviewed a couple of good makeup options for Spring. First option was all the pastels /candy colours..

Inglot, Milano

Second option (which I really liiiked) were these Chanel-like soft coral colours. I actually never realised it before it that these are totally the tones that Chanel uses in many of its palettes each year.. Hum.. does that mean I could sort of copy the Chanel make-up look but use a different, cheaper brand.. why did I not realise this before!!

Inglot, Milano

Another clever thing I realised is that.. in addition to normal (pressed) eye shadows, you can also use colour pigments directly! Colour pigments shine so much more because they are 100% pure colour/pigments (contrary to normal pressed eye shadow which are mixed with other stuffs). Hum.. well why did I use normal eye shadows again? ;)

Inglot, Milano

The only thing is that because they are pure colour pigment and not pressed, you will need to press them well into the skin when applying them (to make sure they ‘stick’ well on the skin).

Inglot, Milano

The other thing which caught my eyes were these glitters. Glitters do not usually have any colour (or if they have, it is a very light one). Glitters are used just to highlight parts of your face (under the eyebrows, to open your eyes) or of your body (very sexy touch on the neckline) ;)

Inglot, Milano

Inglot, Milano

Lastly, I spotted these two shades of nail polish which could be fun for our soon-to-be suntanned skin this S/S!

Inglot, Milano

This is the (super nice) Inglot team. Don’t hesitate to go say hi to them from me on their store on the chic via Cusani!

Inglot, Milan

What will be your make-up mood this weekend?

7 thoughts on “Private Tour of Milan’s new MakeUp Store: Inglot – The Spring Trends!

  1. Cecily

    Hahahah i love Lana´s marketing team too! You´ve seen i draw some curls, lips a headband flower. 3 things and everyone can see who it was. Impecable job.

    I´m so not a make up beauty girl. but this kind of posts take out my girly side and i want to have everythinggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!

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