Travelling Companions

Travelling in the Black Forest the other weekend (read post here) kinda made me dream about new travel accessories. So to go with this week’s mood, pls find below a little selection of dream travelling accessories, all from Smythson, the uber trendy chic English brand where the UK First Lady, Ms Samantha Cameron, was Creative Director.

The first accessory on my “Dream List” from this brand is their gorgeous cute Camera Case! Have you seriously ever seen a more beautiful one!?

Second on my List would be this Follow Your Dreams Notebook.

Third (though I hesitate to place it in nb 2) is this insanely chic Foreign Currency and Documents Folder!

Fourth is this Lady’ Washbag

I love the detail of the Red Zip and Interior: Very “Fashion Louboutin Spirit“! Imagine it with matching shoes..

And fifth is the Vanity Pouch – I love the separate area for brushes!

Happy travels ladies!

What are your travel accessories? Anything new for spring/summer this year?

11 thoughts on “Travelling Companions

  1. Anne

    Je ne voyage jamais… Mais là… tu me donnes envie de faire mes valises ;)
    On peut aussi avoir ces jolis trésors à la maison, pour ranger et même décorer non ?
    Alors je voudrais la pile de valises anciennes sur laquelle est assise ta belle dame… (pour culottes et chaussettes, mais qui le saura ?).
    Anne (fan de boîtes, toutes les boites… en croco bleu plus encore !)


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