Fabulous Closets

Fab Dream Closets!

Hello ladies and a very happy St Valentine to you all! What are you up to tonight.. but, more importantly, what are you going to WEAR tonight??  I choose something classic chic.. but with one spicy detail ;) Ahaha.. well, I’ll try to post pictures of my outfit later on this week.. so more on this later.. but in the meantime, this week, I am also v. excited cause this week is the week I started my new Interior Decoration class at the very trendy NABA school here in Milan! And to start this course in style ;), I decided to do today a little “fashion decoration” post.. on “the” fashion decoration topic, aka, dream closets!! So here are a few pictures and ideas to copy to achieve your own gorgeous – dream closet.. Hope they inspire you and as always.. pls share your tips with us (come on, every girl has her own trick for her fashion closet..)! xx

Fabulous Closets

I absolutely could not help but stare at this one.. All the essential pieces for a dream closet are there: the island in the middle, the chandelier, the chair, the mirrors.. but all so vintage-chic! I totally adored it! Unfortunaly, realistically speaking, it won’t fit into the style of my more modern apartment.. but if yours is, pls see below: I loved loved loved the idea of storing jewellery in beautiful colourful vintage tea cups and pots!

Otherwise, for a more classic 5th avenue stylean ottoman seems to be the it-accessory!

But if you don’t have space for an ottoman, you can always try to squeeze in a tiny but highly-styled chair that will style everything up! This one will be mine (one day..)

I also love the idea of having “special” doors to enter your closet.. these striped ones are gorgeous!

This girl framed actual shopping bags.. ahaha such a fun and original idea to decorate a modern closet!

For the shoes, if your closet is already completely full with all your close, you can of course try to present them like pieces of art on shelves in the living room (you would dare to say that they are not pieces of art!!)..

If unfortunately you don’t live alone and your adored boyfriend does not think about art the same way as you.. you can still try to squeeze them in the living room, in nice boxes, behind a big curtain! Maybe he won’t notice..

By the way, I just recently noticed that this new way of storing shoes.. which indeed save quite a bit of space (not sure why it did not occur to me before!!)

Lastly, remember that even a very small spaces can be turned into mini ‘dream closet’ with the right accessories (a few shelves plus a mirror, small sitting area and one or two cushions..).

Any tip re your closet to share?

6 thoughts on “Fab Dream Closets!

  1. Style Dilettante

    Love that first closet! Totally my dream closet with the chaise and coordinating chandelier! So glam…

    I recently purchased 105 “no slip space saving” hangars. It’s made a difference in that there is a little more space and everything looks uniform and neat. I still have to buy another 100 hangars to tackle the closet in my hall which is filled with most of my vintage collection, Halloween costumes and coats. Such a big job but well-worth the investment in time and money for the hangars.

    Good luck with your course – can’t wait to see all your inspiration!


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