Fashion Weeks Agenda!

Today is the first day of the New York Fashion Week!! Just to make sure we are all ‘on the same agenda’ here is a quick reminder of the dates of the main upcoming Fashion Weeks for the new Autum/Winter 2012/2013 ready-to-wear women collections as well as links to their websites if you want more details on which designers will present his/her collection when/where (if you are a blogger or fashion fan, these sites also list the various parties and PR contact details..) and lastly, a great site on where to watch all the catwalks!

New York : 9-16 February (for the website click here)

London : 17-22 February (for the website click here)

Milan : 22-28 February (for the website click here)

Paris : 28-07 March (for the website click here)

Where to watch the catwalk? On Fashionthroughtravel! Happy new trends hunting!!

5 thoughts on “Fashion Weeks Agenda!

  1. Vinny MS

    Hi dear, What a useful information! You give amazing things in this post, even i can’t attend all of this fashion week. :(
    And hey! Let’s stay keep in touch! ^_^


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