My Blog has been Botoxed.. and the Results are Faaabulous ;)

It all started a couple of days ago, when chit-chating with a super hot top blogger from Russia (Fashion on my mind) who told me that she found the colour of my background a little bit too bright and hence recommended that I ‘tone it down’ a little bit to make it less hard on the eye. Irony of this is that… I did not find (YET!) how to change the damn colour tone of the background (ahaha..) but instead started to change a few bits here and there… and eventually ended up updating and changing most things! A new look for the new year, I am thrilled!

So.. among the things which have changed: please go visit the “Must Read” section (previously the Blogroll). I updated it with many many new hot and trendy websites.. which are indeed an absolute must read for anyone at least once in their life! I have to say that ,in this respect, I need to say a special ‘thank you’ to two special girls, Marie and Cristina, who although they are not bloggers themselves (girls.. you should!) are avid blogs readers and furnished me with lots of addresses! So, lots of new references added to this section, like for ex:

The Zoe Report (Rachel Zoe’ site..alias the personal hippy chic personal styler of Nicole Richie and now of about everyone else in LA)

Tavie Gevinson’s blog  (the super star child blogger.. who started bloggin at 11 years old!! First I thought she was a joke.. now I worship her!)

Goop (Gwyneth Paltrow’s site)

Pls note that I did not include Nicole Richie nor the Olsen’s sisters‘ sites because I found them.. disappointing. Yes you heard me.. disappointing.

Also, to my biggest surprise.. Alexa Chung does not have a blog!

Two other websites which were already there but which I want to mention again:

InherentstyleLA (that girl is doing an amazing job at reporting fashion and city trends in LA.. my favorite report was her ‘trend beach report‘ where she goes on the beaches of Malibu and pictures people a la Sartorialist. If like me you always dreamt of living in LA..)

– * Fashion Through Travel (just ‘the’ site to watch all the catwalks!)

I also updated my “Like Me on Facebook button” to show the number of people following me there.. 152 as I write.. wahou.. thanks so so much girls (and guys.. I actually have a few guys too)!

Lastly, I created new categories like “Photography“. This one only has one article in it so far (but a great article if you want to see how to add funny photo effects on your holidays pics – the quick and easy way!) but I created it cause I am actually about to start photography and photoshop classes.. so fingers crossed but hopefully, I’ll be able to share with you many tips on how to create amazing pictures!

Same for “Interior Decoration“. I will start a program in February at the very trendy NABA university here in Milan.. so if you ever wondered how to position lights in your flat, stay tune!

Well.. enough work done now for the day. Time to go out now. Happy saturday girls (and guys)!

7 thoughts on “My Blog has been Botoxed.. and the Results are Faaabulous ;)

  1. Anna Laurence

    Yuppie!!!! Can’t wait to read your photography tips! Thanks so much for sharing all this with us. Its really cool! xo

  2. Style Dilettante

    Oh my goodness! You have a very ambitious 2012 planned – and have already been so productive! I love the new additions you’ve made. Especially the categories! Can’t wait to find out how to light my flat and to admire your already faaaabulous photos! Good for you Miss J. So nice to see you are back on track… You are inspiring me to do the same. I’ve been distracted as of late because I fell in love. My mind has been crowded with thoughts other than the blog but I’m trying to find some balance…

    Thank you for mentioning me in your post. I will try not to disappoint you. Can’t wait for beach season to do another report on California beach style!

  3. PvdH

    My blog is currently undergoing a little botox behind the scenes as well! :) Yes, I do find ti that blogs are easier to read when the background is white.

    I am so obsessed with goop! (have been since university!) Check out her buckwheat pancakes, they are amazing.


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