Fashion Weeks: How do they Work and How to (try to) get TICKETS…!!

Girls.. I am so happy and excited today: I eventually succeeded to get tickets for a Fashion Show!! This will be my very first fashion show ever and, as you can imagine, I am on the moon right now.. It will be for the show of the very cool Roberto Cavalli fashion house and I really can’t wait to attend a fashion show for real and see what it is really all about (and will not forget to report all the truth on my blog)!!! In the meantime, I decided to investigate a little bit to see how fashion weeks actually work and how it is potentially possible to get tickets. So.. here is my little Q&A. And if you have more questions, pls just let me know!

  • When are the various Fashion Week this year?

New York Fashion Week is right now from 8-15 September 2011. It is then followed immediately after by the London Fashion Week from 16-21 September 2011. Then Milan Fashion Week from 21-27 September 2011. And lastly, Paris Fashion Week from 27-5 October 2011. There are actually also Fashion Shows in Los-Angeles, Sao Paolo and Tokyo but big apologies but I could not investigate everything this time.. but next time, a post on these one too, I promise!

  • How can I know exactly where and when the shows will take place?
Very easy. Each Fashion Week publishes the schedule of its shows, with the exact time and location for its of them, on their website. I have listed them below for you.
New York Fashion Week: click here


London Fashion Week: click here

Milan Fashion Week: click here

Paris Fashion Week: click here

  • Wait I am actually a bit lost… which seasons are currently shown and how many shows do you actually have per year?
There are two major seasons per year – Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer.

For Womenswear, the Autumn/Winter shows are held in February/March while the Spring/Summer shows are in September/October.

Menswear Autumn/Winter 
shows are usually held just before in January while the Menswear Spring/Summer shows are done in June.

Womenswear Haute Couture 
shows typically happen in Paris a week after the Menswear Paris shows.

In addition, more and more designers are now doing inter-seasonal collections and shows too.These are more commercial and are called the Resort/Cruise and Pre-Fall collections. There is no fixed schedule for them but they usually happen 3 months after the traditional fashion shows and these can be in any city the designer choses (ie not necessarily where the designer normally holds his fashion weeks). Chanel for ex this year held its Resort and Pre-Fall collections in Moscow, Los Angeles and Monaco instead of Paris.
  • What are the various characteristic of each Fashion Week? 
Well it is always hard and hence bad to generalise but I would say that from what I seem to read, Milan is like the commercial heart of fashion, Paris the place where you will see more original and innovative designs, London tends to be for slightly newer designers and hence a bit more edgy while New York seems to be a bit more casual/sportswear than the other (comment anyone?). Just to mention as well that designer do not necessarily organise their fashion shows in their home city. Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney for ex do their fashion shows in Paris.
  • And now.. how to (try to) attend??
I actually got mine after harassing again and again all the contacts I had. But, I also thought of other ways to get tickets which I am trying in parallel too and which I want to share with you (if likewise, you have some tip, pls share them!).
First of all, if you have a good little blog, try to email the Press and PR staff of the fashion weeks, designers but also of the sponsors of the fashion weeks (lots of contact and info are on the websites I listed above). Who know there might be a little quota for (still unknown but super clever and proactive) fashion bloggers? Choose maybe the slightly less established brands to start with.
Otherwise, a great thing I discovered is that.. at least in some Fashion Week like the one in NY, you can apply to join the volunteers team and hence get to take part in the week!! Full details of this again on the NewYork Fashion Week website listed above.
If this does not work: GO THERE!! Again, I gave you all the websites where to find the list of shows and where and when they will actually take place. From what I hear, fashion fans (and fashion students) do go there and wait outside.. and apparently, it can totally happen that guests pass a spare ‘unwanted’ ticket to them from time to time. Apparently, it does obviously help (as in nightclub) if you show that you cared and made huge effort to dress up in a special stylish way.
Lastly, remember that in addition to the shows, there are many side parties/store events (all listed on the websites) as well as slightly less VIP Fashion Week.. like the London Fashion Fringe Week.
  • And if I can not get in..?
You can still watch all the shows on the Fashion Week’s website as most of them have almost live video coverage of the shows and good pic, biographies, etc.. or you can also go check out the blog my friend FashionThroughTravel who has really good ontime reports of the best shows.. then you can get to discover the collections.. and then criticise them with other fashion bloggers.. a bit like fashion editors would do in real life!
Happy Fashion Weeks everyone!

6 thoughts on “Fashion Weeks: How do they Work and How to (try to) get TICKETS…!!

  1. Chrysa

    Your post was – honestly! – very helpful! And you are so lucky to be attending Salvatore Ferragamo’s show! I hope you will upload pictures:):)

    I follow you now on Bloglovin, I would love it if you followed me back!

    Stories and Sequins

  2. Fashionthroughtravel

    This is such a great post! Congratulations on your first real fashion show, it must be an amazing feeling!
    Thank you so much for mentioning me in your post, it feels really good to know that people like what I do :) You’re also featuring in my latest post ;)
    Can’t wait to hear all about the Salvatore Ferragamo show!!!

  3. Incognito

    Merci beaucoup pour l’indication ! C’est vraiment très gentil ! Je suis une des bloggeuses d’Incognito et suis surtout celle qui vit en Italie :D. Donc oui ça m’intéresserait énormément d’aller à la Fashion Week de Milan étant donné que j’habite à Bologne, pour une heure de train le “sacrifice” en vaut la peine ;) ! Encore merci du commentaire sur notre blog !

    Shug’A’Very d’Incognito

  4. Absolute B.


    GREAT POST ! (Je vais parler Français maintenant que j’ai tilté que tu étais Française, désolée, haha). Merci de nous avoir parlé de ton post, il est très utile. Pour la Fashion Week de Paris, ça risque d’être trop tard, surtout que j’habite Bordeaux mais ce sont de bons conseils que j’ai hâte de mettre en pratique.
    Et puis le B.A./BA de la Fashion Week est là dans ton article.

    Sinon, le jour après avoir commenté ton article sur ta FNO, j’ai reçu une “invitation” à une “soirée privée” des Galeries Lafayettes (parce que ma mère à la carte des GL). Et ce sera en fait comme une sorte de GL-FNO avec défilé, coktail, fashion tips, hopefully goodie bags… Donc je prévois d’y aller et j’ai vraiment hâte, un article suivra surement =)

    Absolute B. D’Incognito

  5. Kim Lazard

    I enjoyed your site. I am going to Milan for Fashion week with my girlfriends to celebrate my birthday. Hopefully we can find some tickets!!


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