Summer Pot-Pourri, Carthusia, Capri

Summer Pot-Pourri

The other day in Capri (read post here), I discovered a great Italian brand which I did not know about: Carthusia. Carthusia is a small, niche boutique in Capri which sells perfumes and products inspired by the beautiful fragrances of the flowers found in the island of Capri. The fragrances where developed by monks from the Monastery of St. Giacomo (Capri) who discovered in 1948 old formulas of perfumes.. which, the legend said, can be traced as far back as 1380! Anyway, I noticed, in their beautiful boutique, an object which I had never seen before and which I found very original and cute: a summer pot pourri.. made out, not of flowers, but out of shells!

Summer, Pot-Pourri, Carthusia, Capri

Summer Pot Pourri

Summer Pot Pourri

Summer Pot Pourri

Summer, Pot-Pourri, Carthusia, Capri, Italy

Summer Pot Pourri

Once I got back from holidays, I immediately decided to adopt this idea (which after a small research is actually more common than I thought) and create one myself. Here are the instructions.

Summer Pot Pourri, Carthusia

Summer Pot Pourri

Just mix in a bag (preferably a hermetic bag, the kind you use for the freezer) the shells with 30 drops of essential oils (it can also be a mix of essential oils, lemon, lavender.. whatever you prefer). You leave it for 24h.

Summer Pot-Pourri, Carthusia

Summer Pot Pourri

Then you just place it in bowls or plates of your choice. Personally, I like small bowls as it is easier to place a bit everywhere my home than big ones. And that’s it. By the way, did I mention that essential oils are a much healthier way to purify/perfume your home than synthetic candles or perfume sticks which are now said to give cancer.. Sorry for Dyptique and Trudon.. but this is something to meditate

Summer Pot-Pourri, Carthusia, Capri

Summer Pot Pourri

I also tried with lavender..

Summer Pot Pourri

Summer Pot Pourri

What do you do to perfume your home or more generally to look after it? Any tip to share?

8 thoughts on “Summer Pot-Pourri

  1. Fashionthroughtravel

    Your pot-pourris look amazing! I would pick the lavender one, cause I’m a lavender freak :))
    Being far away from VFNO this year makes them all look extremely good. I really liked your story and your photos from Milan, but as I haven’t actually been able to go to either of them I don’t know which one is really better. Still I would say you should give it a try and go to Paris next time. What’s the harm? You already know Milan ;)


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