Pirates’ Night!

If I had to choose my favourite party on the boat, it would have to be.. Pirates’ Night! The reason I loved it so much is because it came.. by surprise! We had indeed come down the boat to visit a little town and when the time came to go back onboard.. we discovered that the boat had been all fully decorated on the theme for the night: Pirates’ Night! Everyone was laughing as we were discovering all the details of the new decoration of the boat.. Even the staff had made an effort to dress up to the theme. It was perfect!

I ran into my room to try to improvise a costume quickly with what I had.. cause frankly, pirates costumes (especially for girls) are a bit rare in shops these days and I did not succeed to find something before for this night… Thankfully, I realised that my boyfriend had something of a real gift for designing pirates tattoos. I had him paint me some all over my body.

I was sort of happy with my costume.. till I saw the others.. But after a few mojitos, it did not matter anymore ;)

This is – sadly…- my last post on the boat. Tomorrow, back to Milano.. and back to reality ;( ¬†Buonanotte for now!

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