Welcome on board!

Welcome on board to the beautiful boat I am on with friends. And to start with, I want to show you all the things which I adore on this boat and which make me smile everytime I see them..

First, my wonderful bed which is so big that the other night I could not even find my boyfriend in it anymore..

The Etro beauty products that are very kindly offered in the bathroom (and I thought I would be in trouble because I forgot a few of my products at home..pff..)

The delicious cocktails which the lovely staff prepares for us each time we come back on board after a sea excursion

Now, one of my absolute favourite: the magazines corner..

…. for you to take on the sun deck

I also completely adore the ‘sun creams bar‘ (by the way, I discovered a new sun product that Italians seem to use a lot but which I did not know before at all: the “Acqua Abbronzante“, some sort of coconut based water, with menthol and aloe vera, which Italians use to refresh their skin when taking the sun.. Smells delicious!)

There is also a ‘sunglasses bar‘ (where you can collect your sunglasses that for sure you forgot somewhere at some point of the day on the boat and which the staff kindly collects and puts there)

Another favourite is the list of upcoming parties on the boat… More on this very soon..


And finally, the wonderful view, which of course, the beauty of the cruise is that, it changes everyday

Speak with you soon for a full report on the crazy parties that are going on on board.