Wedding.. Bulgarian style!

Here are now the pics of the fantastic wedding I went to last weekend in Bulgaria.. and a few tips on Bulgarian weddings!

First of all you have to know that it is the tradition to bring flowers to the couple.. which of course, no one told me about before!!! So, if you are ever invited, be sure to take one or you will look like a rat ;( (unless the bride knows you very well of course..)

Then, it is an Orthodox ceremony.. so a little bit different: the bread looks more like a super nice brioche, the priest orders the couple to also drink a bit of Champagne (or maybe white wine.. not speaking Bulgarian, I might not have understand everything) in addition to the traditional red wine/ the blood of Christ, the couple gets to wear some crowns and well, in general, just my opinion, but I found Orthodox priests actually better styled than Catholics ones ;)

The dinner later on took place on the terrace of a beautiful historical palace..

An Opera singer (witness to the bride) song “over the rainbow” to the newly wed couple.. wishing them to spend a life over the rainbow all their life..

Later on, a jazz band (ordered by the friends of the groom) surprised the couple by interrupting the dinner and starting the playing wonderful retro songs..

And… best part of the night: I got the bride’s bouquet!!!!!!!! So watch out for new posts.. cause god knows what can happen to me this within the next few months now ;)



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3 thoughts on “Wedding.. Bulgarian style!

  1. Tzonka

    Salut Camille. Il parait que tu t’es bien amusée en Bulgarie. Tu pourras convaincre Marie de venir en Bulgarie l’année prochaine

  2. Kristina

    I am planning on getting married in Bulgaria next summer and would very much like to know the name of the palace and hotel(s) you stayed in. The wedding looks beautiful!

    1. AbsolutelyFaaabulous Post author

      Hi Kristina,

      We went to Varna, on the sea side. We stayed at the Grand Hotel Varna, which is really the biggest and nicest hotel over there for me. Their resort is huge and they have like 5 different swimming pools and many different restaurants and bars so really cool! The place where the wedding took place over is Euxinograd State Residence which was an absolutely amazing place.. Good luck for the preparation of your wedding! The two links are below


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