Back.. and in Saint Tropez!

OK.. so after my nephew’ birth (read post here) and a few days off with my family, I am now back on my blog.. and watch out cause this week I am in Saint Tropez! So to start with, here is the outfit I elaborated to walk down the chic streets of Saint Tropez (more on these streets tomorrow). I am wearing a French Connection dress. I really love this model cause I though it was the perfect summer version of the little ‘black’ dress: all in lace and with a little bit of transparence just here and there.. all you need to look sexy but without appearing like you are trying! I also like the retro 60s look which seemed perfect for Saint Tropez (… btw, if you want to speak like the locals just say ‘Saint Trop‘). I bought the hat at the market on Place des Lices (more on this market in the next few days too) and wore the cute white plastic summer ballerinas I bought in Portofino (read post here) and which I adore cause they look a bit like Chanel ballerinas without being one.. nor an imitation. So.. verdict ladies?

4 thoughts on “Back.. and in Saint Tropez!

  1. Julia

    ADD – Hair up. Hoop Earrings. Matching Belt. Little comfy platform/wedge (doesn’t have to be very tall). Little cross necklace (something delicate). Bronze makeup. Cat-eye sunglasses. That’s just me )))
    I’m going to LA soon. I think that I want this look on my vacation ;) I have a French Connections store 1 mile away from my house! Thanks for sharing!!!


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