Picnic and Badmington in the City

You remember how the other weekend I found a little surfing spot in Milan that immediately made me feel like I was on holidays very far away? Well I found another nice little thing to do in Milan while waiting for my real holidays to start: play badminton in the parc! I did not know them and we met them by chance as my friends and I were picnicing in Parco Sempione but there is a super friendly group of people who meet up every week to play badminton in a parc of the city. To join them, no need to become a member of anything, you just sign up on their facebook page (here) which will give you the times and places of the meeting. Then, just come show up (with a raquette if you happen to have one, but otherwise, they will even lend you one!). And don’t worry cause they won’t start playing till after a big picnic! So you can have the joy of both the picnic and the badminton ;)

This is what I wore for the occasion. Maybe not super glamourous but I had to think practical and cover up to protect myself against the mosquitos of the park! Anyway, I took my special picnic basket which, am sure, made it up for the look…

Many models of picnic baskets exist (with Fortnum and Mason offering the most luxurious ones.. check out what I mean here..). Mine is an old vintage one which I got from my father. I like this model very much, as, first of all, the plates are all in plastique (which means not heavy/fragile to carry) but also, because, it really otherwise looks like a normal little luggage, so if you take out the plates in it, you can also use it as a cool luggage to take up with you if you go for a weekend escape in the countryside (obviously nowhere further as it is too fragile to be checked in). And when you think that you can find some fabulous ones on eBay for about 30GBP/40EUR (see here)…  a very chic, cheap and original way to complete your countryside look, no?

I actually took it up with me when going to Marseille, remember (see post here)?

What are you up to this weekend?

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