A great Night Out at QuatroCento and a Faaabulous Way to eat Melon..

The other night in Milan, with a couple of friends, we decided to go check out the QuatroCento, a very cool restaurant just a bit outside the center of Milan, surrounded by a forest. The restaurant has a beautiful courtyard (where you can sit to have a drink before dinner) and a chic yet cozy interior, decorated with plenty of glowing candles, which really gives it a special atmosphere. For this occasion, I went for a “little urban casual Coco Chanel look‘: with my Chanel bag and shoes, a necklace which I found at the Bazaar in Istanbul (read post here) but which is, I think, terribly Chanel style, and, as this is alrealy a lot, just a pair of jeans (Sevenforallmankind) and a white shirt (Sandro) to go with.. chic but casual as I always like it. Verdict ladies?

Now… ok, all chic and good but let me tell you a little secret my friends.. for those of you who do not live in Milan..: every summer night out in Milan is usually a fight against the ‘zanzare‘ (mosquitos) which seem to be absolutely everywhere in the summer in Milan! Some night, I come back home with more than 20 bites.. a bit less chic this, no!? So, what ever bag she takes with her, a true Milanese girl never forgets her anti-mosquito lotion..

Anyway, the food was delicious and I especially liked the way they were presenting it.. very creative! For example, for dessert, my friend and I (yes.. sharing is one of my latest trick to try to watch out my weight..) ordered the melon. It came served with a little sorbet.. but everything served up on a big plate of salt (pink salt from the Himalaya of course.. so much more chic than French salt I guess..). So as you were eating the melon, it had a little salty taste (you could press it against the plate to make it stronger). I love sweet and salted mix. I actually often eat my melon with black pepper and a few slices of ham..(good summer diet).. so really like this light but cool dessert!

Quatrocento, Restaurant, Milan

Quatrocento, Restaurant, Milan

How are you spending your summer nights?

6 thoughts on “A great Night Out at QuatroCento and a Faaabulous Way to eat Melon..

  1. Style Dilettante

    Well, fortunately I am not fighting the zanzare! We don’t have that problem here in LA. Thank goodness!!! Unbelievably chic that restaurant! How elegant and creative to serve on a brick of salt!!! I LOVE salts from all over the world – and love sweet and salty together! BTW, you are so pretty. You are really lovely.



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