My First Blog Award : A Sunshine Award!

Ah! My first blog award! So exciting! It was given to me by the lovely “Style Dilettante” from Inherent Style LA, who has an amazing blog on LA and LA life-style.. If you are ever in need of sunshine, do go watch out her site. It is simply of the my favourites!

The Sunshine Award is given by bloggers to bloggers and is awarded to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspire others in the blogging world!

In the spirit of all blog awards, this award comes with it a few rules: thank the person who gave you this award, write a post about it, respond to the 10 questions below, pass it on to 10 bloggers who you feel really deserve it and send them a message to let them know it!

1: Favorite color? Come on.. I love all of them! Just depends on my “mood of the day”
2: Favorite animal? Cats – I love fur.. ;)
3: Favorite number? Not one in particular.. sorry!
4: What perfume am I wearing now? “Eau des Jardins” from Clarins. A perfect perfume for the summer as it is light and alcohol-free. With extract of citruses, grapefruits, bergamot, lemon and green mint.. it reminds me of freshly cut grass and summer picnics!
5: Something you always wear and identify yourself with? My French Tank Cartier watch. I am very proud of it as I bought it myself so is sort of a little sign for me of what I have been able to achieve by myself. I have been dreaming about it and waiting for the perfect opportunity to buy one for a long time and eventually found it in a little shop in the Burlington Arcade in London (Armour Winston). This shop exists since 1953 and is one the oldest dealer in fine watches in London so you can be absolutely sure of the authenticity of the watches that you buy there. They buy and purchase second-hand watches but also buy lots of watches from shops which are closing down. So you can also, if you are lucky, find brand new Rolex, Cartier or Patek Philippe, etc watches.. at a minimum of 30%!! And the bonus is that, if you buy a watch from them, they would usually buy it back from you (as they also buy second-hand watches) at a small discount a few years later, when you are ‘tired of it’ (if ever).. So, best deal ever, no! I dont know why people still buy them full price ;))
6: What’s your passion? Most of the things in life..
7: Giving or receiving? Both!
8: What was the last eyeshadow you used? The “Heavenly Beige/Astral Brown Ombres DuoLumieres” from YSL. I find it sooo convenient these days cause I just use the Beige ton in the day (with red lipstick) and add up a touch of Brown in the evening.. simple yet very elegant!
9: Favorite day of the week? Saturday.. especially the moment when you wake up in the morning realising it is… weekend time!
10: Are your nails painted right now? Nope. I am leaving my nails to ‘rest’ for a few days before trying on a very special French manucure.. watch out for a post on this very soon!

And without further ado, here are my nominees for the Sunshine Award:

* Petite Voyageur – Ever wondered what it feels like to travel in all the palace hotels in the world? Go check out the site of this super stylish petite voyageuse..

Pvdhjournal – A fashion designer’s virtual mood board – go watch out her amazing illustrations!

* Glamour Marmalade – This blog is full of great fashion news.. related by a true Italian fashionista!

Irene’s Closet – Irene is a stylish Italian girl who also has a great talent for taking beautiful pictures.. god I wish I had her creativity and photography skills!

Boudoir – Another girl with super stylish pictures! From beautiful Tuscany.

* Boite a Bonbons – Diary of a super chic girl from Florence

Fashion Fractions – Neris is posting her looks on her blog everyday. She always has great ideas!

Fashion Through Travel – Watch it out for all the latest fashion campaigns and news!

* Enfin moi – Super stylish French lady with a great sense of humour!

* Completement Flou – A great blog on all Milan events and Italian culture!

You are all great and deserve this Sunshine Award!

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