What to shop at your Local Antiques Market

One thing I love to do in the summer is to go ‘hunting’ at local antique markets to find original pieces to add to my home. I love Ikea and big commercial chains for all my basic pieces of furnitures but then I love to add here and there just a few antique/vintage pieces as I think it is the best way to personalise and distinguish a house from other houses, is a great mean to show a little bit more one’s personality and tastes and just because, when mixed up with a modern interior, it can give a little sense of “I-am-a-chic-heir-but-with-a rock-and-roll-life” attitude which I love!

Here is a little selection of things which I recently found :

This object is one of the most original one I ever saw!

It is originally a cigar box, meant to present small cigars or cigarettes to guests at the end of dinners but also has a little music-making device under it, so when you turn the key (located under it), it starts to play music, just like with a music box, while the doors are opening up gradually to offer the cigars/cigarettes.

If you don’t smoke, you can always use it to present candies at the end of dinner (original and fun, no?), use it as a jewellery box (should be very convenient and chic way to hang your necklaces and earrings)

Guaranted to make effect on your guests!

Another thing I like to buy is antique cutlery and table accessories. Do you know that silver is sold so cheaply these days in markets that they are actually cheaper than most industrialised chrome accessories sold by retailers in the shops!

With their beautiful hand-made engravings, they look like real little pieces of art.. it would be a crime not to rescue a few and incorporate them into your ‘dinette’! For a quick guide on engravings, read this.

If you are not too much into antiques, you can of course find more rock n’ roll pieces. I have been myself looking for a vintage turntable to listen to old classic jazzy or rock vinyls (think about Duke of Ellington or Rolling Stones on it.. such machines makes this special sound which is, in my opinion, still the best way to create instant atmosphere at home after a busy day at work or, again, great for diners.. whether a romantic tete-a-tete with your lover or your old group of friends!).

What are you favourite/special pieces of furnitures at home?

7 thoughts on “What to shop at your Local Antiques Market

  1. Style Dilettante

    More More! Show us MORE!!! I collect so many things… it’s tough to think of what my favorite item is… I don’t dare! I think you should put your vintage jewelry in that box – it is truly spectacular! I wouldn’t mind being the proud owner of those serving pieces either! I would also really enjoy seeing photos from the actual antique market!!


  2. Style Dilettante

    Just saw your comment on my flea market post Miss J! I’d be more than happy to keep an eye out for you, if there is anything you’d like (that would be easily shipped of course!). I bought an interior design book from the 60’s, two vintage brooches to ad to my collection, a lusterware pitcher (another thing I collect!), a vintage 80’s sweater, and I can’t think of what else…!



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