Saturday’s Markets in Milan!

As I decided to do a bit of dieting in the next few days, I went today to the market to get some fresh products. But the thing you have to understand when I say “fresh products” – and what I love about markets in Milan! – is that it really means all sort of fresh fruits, vegetables.. and Prada shoes! Si, si.. at least in my local market, via Fauche, there are about as many stalls of designers shoes and clothes as they are of fruits! You will understand that this is then not really the sort of markets where one shows up dressed up in their joggings neither.. so this is the little look I created to go there. What do you think? Did you notice that I am wearing my new Jean-Paul Gaultier t-shirt that I found in that great outlet shop I was telling you about the other day (read post here)?






I love this bag cause this is the bag that my friends from London bought me when I left London to move to Milan last year.. so huge sentimental value as you can imagine..

So when I was telling you re designers shoes.. how many brands can you recognise just here? Let’s see there was Miu-Miu, Dior, Jimmy Choo.. All super cheap if you are able to find your size (cause there are just one or two pairs each time). Paradise, no?

Fortunately, I managed to fit all my shopping bags in my car..

No…. this is just a bad joke: this one would be more my style actually ;) Anyway, in the meantime, I went back home walking (good for dieting no?) with the one kilo of tomatoes I took to prepare my gaspacho.. this and nothing else. I told you I was on both a financial and physical diet! ;)

Happy Saturday everyone!


13 thoughts on “Saturday’s Markets in Milan!

  1. Sascha

    Hi! I followed you on Bloglovin! Thanks for following me. The pics look great, aren’t the markets amazing? I love the vintage market in the Navigli area, where I live. Baci S

  2. c

    oh! I didn’t know there were such beautiful shoes at vie fauche… good to know!!! I’ll go there as soon as I come back to milan ;)

  3. Titine & Totoche

    Bonjour! Or bonsoir in my country ;)

    It looks like you had so much fun, also your shirt and bag are really pretty!

    Are the shoes they sell original? Do they buy them from the store and then resale them? I just find it different that these shoes are sold in the market hehe.

    Hope you’re doing great!


    1. absolutelyfaaabulous Post author

      Oh yes they are original! I think they are just a few unsold pieces of previous seasons. The city is actually full of outlets shops and bargains like this with all the factories so close.. xx

  4. Dani

    Hello. What about touch and go for shopping? I will come to Milan in december 30 and I heard that that temporary outlet has good things. Do you know the schedule or can you tell me more about it?


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