Tested and Approved: ELLE & Weight Watchers Dieting Recipes!

I don’t know if any of you are like me.. but we are sort of half way through the summer and I still have to loose these 3 kilos that every magazine was telling me I should have been loosing back in June in order to have my perfect ‘summer body‘. For those of you who are a little bit late like me, or for those of you that already made some great efforts and just want to continue with them, I listed below a few recipes which I found either in the French ELLE magazine and in my mother’s Weight Watchers book (2 great references, no?) and which I have been trying on this week.  They are all super duper easy and quick (I am in no way a cook and patient at all) and cheap (always a good criteria). So, come on. No excuse not to try them.. unless you have some of your own to share with me (in this case, pls do)??


I like to take this one with me for lunch, this way I know that I will not actually end up ordering something heavier at the last moment, and it also makes me save me a bit of money as this comes out much cheaper (and fresher) than buying already-made salads somewhere.

Mix together 2 small cucumbers (cut into slices), 2 small red onions (cut into slices too), 400 grams of shrimps (cut and without their shells obviously) and some coriander (as much as you like!). Add the sauce (1 table spoon of soja sauce and 3 table spoons of lemon juice) and black sesame seeds (yes, do go buy some.. definitely makes the difference). And voila! All done in 5 mn.


I like this one for dinner as I am usually very hungry in the evenings (I know it should be the other way round.. but I am the way I am). Good to stuff up your man too. So be ready for the quickest and lightest curry recipe in the world!

Mix 1 1/2 natural yogurt with 1 table spoon of curry powder mix (soft or spicy.. whatever you prefer!). Put it aside for later. Then cut 800g of white fish (again, which ever sort of white fish you prefer/is on promotion at your local supermarket right now ;) in big pieces. Rub the pieces up with 1 table spoon of curry powder mix. Start to warm up some oil in a pan and add 2 chopped onions and 1 chopped garlic. At this stage, be careful to be a bit patient and wait just a little bit so that the onions and garlic melt down nicely.. without burning. Now, add the fish and stir everything up for about 1 mn. Then add the yogurt mixed with curry that you prepared at the beginning. Cook for about 5/7 more mn.. and that’s it: the curry is done! Add some fresh coriander and fresh pieces of tomatoes (I like the contrast between hot and cold.. and also the tomatoes cool down the curry sauce if you dont like it too spicy). Serve it with brown rice. And voila! Dieting dishes number 2 is done too!

Now: dessert time! I have two versions..

One very light…


Put 8 gelatin sheets in water and wait for them to melt down slightly for about 5mn. Take out the water and put the gelatin sheets this time in just about 2 table spoons of water and put this in the microwave for about 2mn. Take it out, check that the gelatin sheets melted down completely, add 3 table spoons of stevia (or if you dont have this, just normal sugar, dont worry). Then add 1,2l of almond milk. Mix everything up and then put a bit of that liquid preparation in different glasses. Put the glasses in the fridge to rest for a about 5 hours. Add some fruits (very good with sweet cheeries.. berries, strawberries, whatever you want/have). And that’s it!

…. and a slightly more naughty one..


This one is the best dieting tip I ever got as it does not look/taste/feel like a dieting recipe – so will totally fullfill your needs for chocolate and something ‘substantial’ – yet it very much is a dieting recipe since you are mainly eating.. fruits! I prepared this one whenever I was feeling I was about to give up.. Thank you Weight Watchers!

Cut bananas and pears in small pieces. Add just 2 square of dark chocolate on top. Put it in the microwave for about 1 mn.. just the time the chocolate melts nicely on the fruits. Add some little pieces of almond (excellent for the skin) and a tiny little bit of whipped cream.. just for the look. And done. You just completed your diet ;))

PS: for enhanced results, I recommend eating these in front of a Victoria Secrets fashion show.. (seriously, click on it.. you will understand what I mean)..

Does anyone has any great dieting tip to share? xx

5 thoughts on “Tested and Approved: ELLE & Weight Watchers Dieting Recipes!

  1. sienna

    i love this! i love eating healthy and not feeling guilty. great post. also, thank you so incredibly much for your sweet comment on my blog. you are a kind and wonderful person–one that I am grateful to have following my blog! xxS


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