A Dinner among the Star (Fishes)..

Yesterday night, we had some friends coming over for dinner. For this occasion, I decided to create a summer table atmosphere.. romantic and exotic! I head down to Zara Home for a few accessories as I realised that I was I did not actually have many to play with at home. Why should we indeed always shop clothes: houses are important as well, yet we rarely think about them! So.. disappointed by the sales/did not find your size.. go shop for your house! With the sales, it is the perfect time to build up on your house equipement, transform your flat and become an amazing host!

Candles are in my opinion the perfect cheap accessory to create some immediate ambiance! I also like to collect just a few seashells when I travel which I then use to decorate my table at home. People often asks about them which usually leads us to start talking travels, adventures and summer fun. All happy times!

At Zara Home, I also found these amazing cups and spoons made out of mother-of-pearl. The sensation of having this special material in your hands and mouth is very original.. and I was immediately transported in Tahiti when I closed my eyes!

I got a deep blue tablecloth to remind us of the sea of course..

And lastly, I played with matching napkins holders and glass mounts. I took them in raw wood sort of material, again to remind us a bit of the coconut trees of a beach and to create a bit of contrast with the other colours of the table.

Wishing you many happy summer dinners…!

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