My Royal Wedding ;)

One of my friends got married last Saturday in the somptuous Chateau de Neuville, near Paris, which dates back from 16th century and is also where movies such as Dangerous Liaisons (with Glenn Close, John Malkovich and Michelle Pfeiffer) or French movies Cyranno de Bergerac (beautifully interpreted by Gerard Depardieu.. if you have not watched it yet, I highly recommend watching it! And I guarantee you will cry at the end..whoever you are ;) and Peau d’Ane (with Catherine Deneuve) were filmed. Needless to say, the reception was stunning!

I wore a little black dress from Khaisilk, a Hermes like brand from Thailand with amazing (and cheap) designs and my black Chanel bag (because if you don’t show it off in a castle.. when do you?). I warmed everything up with red lipstick, red nail polish and red Zara shoes. Sober but chic, no?

As often these days, I mixed two rings on one finger.. I just find it fun and a new way to wear my ‘old’ traditional rings. Here a red ring that I found on Ponte Vecchio in Florence (and which, yes, I admit, looks very much like a design from Pomellato.. except that it was like 150% cheaper) and the minioui ring from Dior. Do you know the ‘minioui’? It litterally means ‘mini-yes’ and is kind of a mini engagement ring (with a mini tiny diamond) but in fact is not really one (at 310eur would be a really cheap one!).. so is more of a “I really like you” ring that was very popular in France.

There were some masks of famous people attached to balloons for the guests to play with.. It was really good fun!

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12 thoughts on “My Royal Wedding ;)


    Merci de ton passage sur mon blog. Je découvre le tien. Très bel endroit pour célébrer un mariage. Ce devait être sympa et tu es toute jolie sur les photos. A bientôt sur nos blogs respectifs j’espère. Bonne fin de soirée

  2. Sylvie, Enfin moi

    Je te découvre grace à ta visite. Belle découverte, tu es adorable, une robe élégante et sobre, parfaite pour ce mariage dans ce chateau de rêve. Quelle chance. Ta minioui est comme toi pleine de charme.
    A très vite sur nos blogs respectifs.
    Bonne journée belle blonde

  3. Anne

    J’ai acheté une robe de cette marque à Saïgon dans une rue proche de l’hôtel Majestic. La boutique est magnifique !

  4. Sophie

    thanks for your comment honey :)
    my cat is almost 2 years old!
    sure I want to follow each other
    following you now <3

  5. juracraven1

    Just to let you know Khaisilk is actually from Vietnam… I was looking at your scarf tying techniques – my sister in law was taught what was called a ‘choux fleur’ which was a lovely puffy way but she showed me and I forgot – do you know by any chance? Thanks.

    1. AbsolutelyFaaabulous Post author

      Hum.. dont know if it is the ‘choux fleur’ technique or not, but yes, I can think of one lovely puffy way to tie a scarf.. ok, will try to make one article on it very soon (without pics, it is almost impossible to explain!)

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