What to pack for… Portofino?

This weekend we are going to Portofino (only 2 hours drive from Milan.. so why should we not?). I am very excited because I heard that Portofino is a bit the Italian St Tropez. I adore St Tropez so have high expectations.. hum.. let’s see this closer then! This is what I took with me: my latest new bikini (bought on sales at the Rinascente), my Chanel vanity case (if I dont use it for Portofino, where will I take it with me!), a hammam towel bought in the Bazaar in Istanbul a few weeks ago (again takes so much less space in your bag) and plenty of products & oils to smell and shine like a flower (and one to fake my tan.. cause am not Italian and hence did not inherited from this amazing tans I see everwhere here)! Happy weekend everyone!

** Vanity Case: Chanel

Swimming suit: La Rinascente

Towel: shopped at Istanbul’s Bazaar

Beauty Product: Guerlain’s Terracotta Bronzing Spray, Orofluido‘s hair beauty elixir (this is an organic oil for your hair.. smells so divin..) & Monoi Tiare Tahiti body oil

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