Travel Contest: Let’s try to make our dreams come true!

Have you ever dreamt of discovering the vibrant city life of Marrakech, going treasure hunting in its souk or go quad biking through the dramatic valleys, gorges, canyons and fortified villages of the Atlas Mountains? Well today could be your lucky day....cause I just discovered a great travel contest offering this! Iexplore is indeed currently running a contest to offer an amazing Moroccan adventure to two people worth 8000$! Travel fares are reimbursed up to 3,000$ so.. come on, even those of you based on the other side of the globe, you can join too!
The game is to submit your best “travel secret“. You know me and how much I love travelling.. so I think I had a great one! So if you are bored at work today, feel free to go read my travel secret (and also vote for me if you want).
And if you are even more bored at work and desperately need to escape: join the contest! Come on.. what is your travel secret? ;)
A big kiss to everyone!
PS: if you think you will be bored at work tomorrow again, and the day after.. pls note that you can vote everyday ;)

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