Summer drinks at the Radetsky Cafe

Tonight we went for drinks with some friends at the Radetsky Cafe. This is one of the coolest places in Milan and as a result is most of the time completely jammed with (very important and fashionable) people who at the end just stand outside with their drinks in the street.. so you get a really nice atmosphere in the summer. As well as great people watching opportunities ;) For this occasion, I chose something light (it is still so hot here!), definitely styled but quite laid back too (come on.. we are still drinking up our Prosecco in the street after all!). What do you think?

** Belt & Bag: Sandro

Short: TopShop

Tshirt: American Apparel

Shoes: Mellow Yellow

Jewellery: all shopped at various street markets during holidays in Thailand, Turkey and Australia

9 thoughts on “Summer drinks at the Radetsky Cafe

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