Shopping addresses in Milan – Part I: the Center

Today I prepared a little shopping guide of Milan for those of you who are coming for the sales. I could not cover everything in one post (and be realistic, you neither if you are coming just for one weekend!) so I decided to start with my favourite addresses in the city center. A good base to start with. Happy sales!

1. La Rinascente

La Rinascente is the Milanese department store.

Head straight to the 3rd floor, the floor with all the woman fashion and shoes collections. There you will find all the great Italian brands like Missoni, Pinko, Just Cavalli, but also French ones like Vanessa Bruno, Sandro, Zadig&Voltaire & Comptoir des Cotonniers.

Have a quick – quick! – look on the 4th floor just to check Versace and Gerard Darel – but do not waste your time otherwise at this floor. The rest is more for ‘older/more classical’ women.

Then go straight to the 5th floor. There you will find has all the swimming suit and beachwear brands you can imagine (being in Italy of course..) as well as a great selection of underwears. They have a cute French brand which I adore, Princesse Tam-Tam, the sulfurous Agent Provocateur (I heard Kate Moss is a fan) but also Italian ones of course like Armani or the very chic La Perla.

The 7th floor sells luxurious food and wine (if you want to take something back home to cook) and a lovely bar/cafe, with a lovely view on the roof of the Duomo.

Lastly, don’t forget to go to the basement floor. It is a ‘design supermarket’ where they sell design books, office accessories, etc.

Funny thing to know: Armani started his career here as a window dresser..

2. Solaris

Solaris has a great selection of designer sunglasses (again being in Italy.. – think D&G, Miu Miu, Chanel, etc)

3. Max Mara

Stop at Max Mara for their very famous trenchs, coats (feeling like winter shopping already?), pretty dresses (head to the basement floor for them) and all their other casual chic sporty clothes.

4. Vergelio

Vergelio is a super luxurious shoes shop (think Gucci, Prada, etc). Normally too expensive for me but during the sales.. everything becomes affordable!

5. Marilena

Marilena is from the same group as Vergelio but is an affordable version of it. One of my absolute favourite shoes shop in Milan.

6. Marco

Another great yet cheap shoes place is Marco. Right now, go there for their great summer sandals.

7. Mauro Leone

Another, and last, great shoes shop (yes, well Italy is the country of shoes, no?) is Mauro Leone. This tiny shop brand sells cute colourful and affordable shoes. Japanese (and Milanese) go cray for this super cool cheap brand!

8. The Temporary Fashion Garage

Temporary Fashion Garage is the great outlet shop I was telling you about the other day (see post here). I would totally recommend you end up your little tour of the city center over there!

The rest of this area offers mainly high-street chain brands like Zara, H&M, Gap, Tezenis, etc, which I did not list here as they are not typical of Milan but of course, go there too if you have time.

Here is a map where I listed all these addresses. Feel free to print it and take it with you.. and again, happy sales!

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