Marseille here I come!

Off to sunny Marseille this weekend! What are you up to yourself.. and if like me, you are going somewhere, what did you put in your bag? Here is a little preview of mine!

I took my old Accessories hat as I always need something to cover up my head and protect me from the sun..

A few of my favourite products: a moisturising rose masque from Aesop (smells so delicious!), their parsley seed serum (just love the texture in summer), my Durance lavender deodorant (made of organic lavender essential oil and without any nasty aluminium salts!) and a mini water spray (could just not live without in the summer!) Oh and also, underneath is the hammam towel I bought in Istanbul.. it is so much thinner in your bag than a normal beach towel!

And as we are going there by car.. so I could not resist but to take my old vintage luggage! I think it is just so chic!

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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