How to rock a Hermes scarf!

Today I decided to be a bit patriotic (France‘s national day is slowly approaching) and dedicate a post to one of our prouds: the Hermes scarf!

Not that I am an expert at all (am sure there are many more expert French girls out there – pls girls just show you and share your tips!), but I want to show you one of my favourite way to wear it… which is also an 1) easy and 2) realistic way to wear it.

Because when you look at the “Knotting Cards” that Hermes gives you when you buy a scarf – and which I am sure Hermes means to offer us as a guide and not as a joke (unless they have a better sense of humour than what I thought..) – this is seriously a joke!

Come on… seriously.. would you ever even consider wearing your Hermes scarf as a ….bra? or as a …bag? or any of these ways…?

So, more realistically, here is a little ‘how-to’ guide to show you how I like to wear mine:

First, form a triangle as shown below (repeat the operation on the other side)

Then fold the scarf this way (again, repeat the operation on the other side)

Do it one more time

Then take it and start to roll it as shown here

Now just wrap in – in three layers – around your neck, and that’s it!

15 thoughts on “How to rock a Hermes scarf!

  1. Titine & Totoche

    Hi! Hmm so first I need a Hermes scarf hehe.

    Thanks for visiting my blog ;)
    On the image you asked about, it’s a gif. I have in my editing program that option, and what it does is that it puts one photo on top of another and changes quickly so that it looks as if it were moving. You can do it with more that two photos.
    If you have an editing program in your computer doing an animated gif is probably an option, otherwise in Google you can also find some sites to do it. If you have any other questions let me know :)!
    It’d be great if you used it in a post, and then you can say I was your faaabulous teacher hehe.


  2. Kamilla

    to the Absolutelyfaaabulous: hey! I have the same scarf (les voitures a transformation), just blue version. Do you know how old is this model? I got this one from my friend from Paris. Its at least 15-20 years old. I guess its the same serie coz Hermes doesn’t repeat the same patterns. Do you know how old is your scarf? and how do you clean it? dry cleaning didn’t help much… Im afraid that I can destroy the fabric if I clean it any other way.
    greetings from Denmark

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