Fashion shooting with the Italian Fashion Bloggers

Bonsoir everyone!

I now recovered from my weekend and hence want to tell you a bit more about the fashion shooting that the Italian Fashion Bloggers organised yesterday in a cool studio in Milan. Well, it was all good fun!  There was tons of cool sponsors: first of all, Cosmopolitan, which if I understood correctly might put some of the pictures we took in their online magazine.. though would not rely on this to much given my current level of Italian right now… was a bit hard indeed to follow everything that was happening in Italian over there and well.. I might have missed or misheard a few crucial pieces of information.. sorry!!

Revlon for the makeup & Aveda for the hair

Several brands for the clothes (the jacket I wore was by VerySimple, a brand which I did not know before but seems to do cute stuffs). My absolute favorite sponsor was a company called Vanity Lady cause it is a company that rents luxury bag.. and they hence came with lots of amazing luxury bags which I never dreamt to touch all at the same time before!

Anyway, so yes, we went through makeup, hair sessions and then got to pose with professional fashion photographer. All good fun.. except that I guess that one of the most interesting parts was that the photographer was explaining to the bloggers how to pose.. which must be super useful to know of course (imagine!).. except that again, because my Italian is still let’s say ‘developing’ right now… I did not understand much.. so I guess I’ll still be posing like a stick of wood on all upcoming posts! But come on this must be half of the fun of this blog, no?

After you also had a really interesting session where one of the photographers explained how to take pictures and shared all his precious tips with the bloggers (also of course missed completely..). But then, I must have looked so desperate that the other photographer decided to take me apart for a little one-to-one session and then we took some great black and white pictures together where he explained me how to catch the light.. and then, I decided to really focus and try to understand.. and I think eventually, I did!

Kiss and night night to everyone!

19 thoughts on “Fashion shooting with the Italian Fashion Bloggers

  1. martina

    Wonderful post!
    Camilla haw are you? thanks for your comment! I add your link in my post! I don’t find your blog (I’m working now :PPPP )… You see it! And say me if it’s ok!
    miss you!

  2. c

    Hi !! I’m C. from you emailed me on IFB but i don’t know way but I cannot reply you! anyway I want to tell u that you blog is awesome and you look cool as well! It could be a great idea to have some practice as I study french and english and u want to practice italian (not so easy I know..) it could be great if u want to have a coffee or just a walk in milan.. let me know, i’d be happy to meet u!

    ps= your sandro bag is awesome! I’ve one too but a bit old I should buy another one…


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