Italian Fashion Bloggers Party at Just Cavalli

OK people… so I promised you to make effort to dress UP.. and tonight was the perfect night cause I was attending the Italian Fashion Bloggers Party at the Just Cavalli Cafe, here in Milan. Yes, the Just Cavalli Cafe is the night club (and restaurant) owned by Roberto Cavalli and, in true Cavalli spirit, it is full of animal prints, flamboyant glass crystal chandeliers and exotic flowers. The only problem is that is it right in the middle of the parc Sempione.. which in the summer is invaded by mosquitos (but more on this later). Anyway, yes, it was the Italian Fashion Bloggers party and it was the perfect occasion for me  to meet other fellow Italian bloggers (more on this as well later) and to dress up! So please let me know your thoughts on this one.. but come on.. I think I did good this time, no??

I put my very sexy little leather short which I got in Topshop during my last trip to London (pls see London posts here), with my quite thin and hence sexy too shirt from Maje (French brand which I adore), which I matched up with the very famous ‘Particuliere’ nail polish from Chanel, a dark brown makeup, sexy earrings I got from a Brazilian designer on Portobello Market in London and I just added a touch a colour with the ring (bought at the London Fashion Weekend).

The competition was tough.. everyone was dressed up so chicly…

…thanks god there was enough bottle of wine for me to relax!

Speak with you tomorrow for the report on the second day of the Italian Fashion Bloggers event (with fashion shootings in partnership with Cosmopolitan magazine..). Kiss!

20 thoughts on “Italian Fashion Bloggers Party at Just Cavalli

  1. ilariamps

    Hi Camille! really gorgeous, even without my makeup ;)))
    I love your style and you’re beautiful! I like your blog!! :)))
    thanks for comments on mine!
    if you need or want to reccomend me as a MUA, pls feel free to contact me!

    have a nice week!

  2. Lee Oliveira

    Love the earrings and not because they are from a Brazilian designer haha (I am Brazilian) Looking forward to my visit to Milan soon. Hoping to great some great shots.
    A Cavalli party would be great ;o)


  3. Style Dilettante

    Wow! What a fun event! Wish we could get on the ball and organize something like this here in LA! You looked gorgeous, btw. I love your makeup and I really appreciate your attitude toward the controversy surrounding your personal style! You are so open to constructive criticism… and it’s not even like you’ve committed any fashion crimes! I think your style is adorable, even though some people don’t feel you make enough of an effort to glam it up. I say all this without the intent of sounding too patronizing, of course!


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