Outlet Stores in Milan

I have only been living in Milan for just a bit less than a year now.. but if you want my opinion, I think that the reason why Milanese people dress up in super chic designer outfits so much is not only because they are all terribly rich.. but also because the city (and surroundings) seems to be full of factory outlet shops! Of course, with all the factories of these amazing fashion houses so close, they should be loads of great bargains to do! So in between two looks and travel adventures – and also because I know that some of you are going to come for the sales (wouou!!) and hence need good addresses! – I decided to now also take you for a little tour of the outlets I know.

And today, let’s start with two of my favourites: the Fashion Garage & D Magazine. The reason they are my favourites is because of their location: D Magazine is right on via Montenapoleone, ‘”the” chicest street of Milan, where I took you out window shopping the other day (read post here), and the Fashion Garage is on via Bagutta just next to it. So you can go window shopping on “Montenapo” without feeling hate and frustration.. cause you will be able to really enter the shop and shop for real in these outlets right after.

Need a closer look at it? Ok, lets go! Starting with the Fashion Garage.

The entrance looks just like this so watch out for it!

They list outside the designer brands they have but it really much actually depends on the arrival of the week.. so, depending on your tastes, you might be lucky.. or not (yes, this is the downside of shopping at a 70% discount..) ;)

Inside it looks like this..

Inside is a good mix of well know and less well known brands.. so I guess again, it depends, if you are lucky with the current arrivals of the week.. but I guess I was super lucky cause there were two whole trails of Jean-Paul Gaultier clothes!!

Here are a few pieces I pulled out from the trails to show you the quality..

I also found this gorgeous summer dress..

While I swear that I only wanted to go there to ‘take pictures’ and report back for you… something happened: I could not of course resist to the temptation to shop something out of this 3 picks! Blogging is becomingly seriously dangerous..

So wanna guess which one I took?




Yep, the JPG t-shirt! Which by the way, I got at 70 eur.. (my sort of extreme limit for a t-shirt) cause my sharp eye succeeded to find a filament a bit pulled out and as by chance it was their last one, I got an extra discount!

I also went to D Magazine but they did not let me take pictures ;) Anyway, here is the entrance.. Watch out for it cause it is narrow and you can easily miss it.

D Magazine has a much higher selection of fashion designer, more pricey. One cool thing to note is that they do have a great computer system which allows them to track down other sizes if you can’t find your size in the mess of the shop so in case you can’t find your size, don’t be shy and ask! But for me, everything was still too expensive. I mean a dress which used to be at 2000eur is now ok at 600eur.. but, well depends on your shopping budget I guess!

That’s it for now. Don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter or follow on Facebook to get more insider news on Milan’s best addresses!

** Temporary Garage, Via Bagutta, 2 & D Magazine, Via Montenapoleone, 26

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10 thoughts on “Outlet Stores in Milan

    1. absolutelyfaaabulous Post author

      Hum.. seriously?? Ahahaha… thanks hon even if I feel a bit like Jessica Simpson when she said in front of all America that she thought tuna was ‘meat’. Not but seriously, you all know this brand? Ok.. well are they any good? If so, need to go back then ;))

  1. Vale

    Hi dear, thanks for commenting on my blog, unfortunately I don’t live near Milan, it’s quite far from where I am ! Anyway I’d like us to keep in touch, I am now following you with Bloglovin, do the same if you want to ! I also have a twitter account – valelavale is my name there. Hope you enjoy your stay in Italy, Milan is shopping paradise !!! Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies

  2. Style Dilettante

    I really enjoyed our little shopping excursion! When I lived in Florence it never occurred to me the reason why everyone was able to dress to the nines! Now we know their dirty little secret! HA! Wish I could indulge too!!


    p.s. thank you so much for adding me to your blog roll! I’ve been getting some new followers thanks to you!

  3. Anja TheDollsFactory (@dollsfactory)

    ahahah loved the Jessica Simpson moment about Cheap Monday… anyway Cheap Monday is a great brand so at 19 the jeans are a must buy, I’m a bit upset that you mentioned DMagazine cause I don’t want more people to go there and steal my favorite shoes and coats… :-(


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