What to wear for Bob Dylan’s concert?

It’s crazy. I have been to ONE concert in Milan since I moved there (about a year ago now) and suddently I go to TWO concerts one just after the other.. you must think I am crazy! But nope, just pure chance..

So.. after Romeo & Juliette at the Scala (Milan’s Opera house) on Tuesday (see the post here), what could I wear for Bob Dylan‘s concert at the Alcatraz (famous concert place here in Milan.. not too big, which I love!) last night? Well, I did not have much time to think about it but did my best. Here are the pics! Let me know what you think!

Oh.. and thanks so much everyone for your comments! I promise to make an effort and wear high heels and dress UP super chicly and formally true Italian style as you recommended very soon. Maybe Saturday, ok?

What did I think of the concert? Honestly.. sorry if there are huge fans among you.. maybe I expected too much.. but no, I was quite disappointed. He did not succeed to create much energy. He also played quite a lot of newer stuffs, which I did not know too well (maybe my mistake but did not sound as good as the oldies to me) and when he played “Like a Rolling Stone“, you could tell that he was clearly bored.. So, ok the guy must be fed up to sign this one over and over again.. but pls think about us who only have one chance to hear it live from him!!

And lastly, I just want to add this pic which my boyfriend took when we just got the tickets (cause we were not sure to get tickets). As you will all be able to see.. despite my Burlesque dance class (pls see post here), I still clearly can not blink ;))

Speak with you tomorrow for more news! xx

8 thoughts on “What to wear for Bob Dylan’s concert?

      1. Angela De Felice

        Not at ll – that’s a very cute wink!! And I think this outfit choice will not be as controversial as the last… it was very apropos for a concert. Too bad about Bob – I mean, he did make a commercial for Victoria’s Secret a few years ago so he’s clearly “peaked”! I saw Prince in Vegas a couple years ago and he was a true performer. He performed old songs and new with equal enthusiasm!

        Have a great weekend!!


      2. absolutelyfaaabulous Post author

        Nooo… would die to see Bod’s add for Victoria Secret! Good tip hon! Will google this right now. And am so jealous you saw Prince.. no doubt he is a great performer!

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