Hollywood Jewellery for an Opera Night!

Hi everyone!

Back from Istanbul to Milano, my boyfriend and I rushed to the Scala, Milan’s very famous opera house, to see Romeo & Juliette as it was one of the very last time they were playing this opera this season & I really wanted to see it.

For this occasion, I decided to wear the Hollywood jewellery that my mother found on eBay and got me for Christmas one year. They are indeed jewellery that were used on Hollywood film sets (so are completely fake.. no, these are not 4 carat diamonds unfortunately!) and I just love this idea, i.e. that some star maybe wore them while performing!! Unfortunately, I do not know for which movie exactly those ones were used for but I always imagine myself and feel a bit like Marylin Monroe in Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend.. or sometimes Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffanys, depending on my mood ;)

To go with these, I decided to do myself a bun (to show off the earrings) and wear a deep blue make-up to go with the blue sapphire tone of the jewellery.

For the rest, I decided to dress chic of course but casual. I like when people’s attention focus on one thing at a time. Last night was the time of the jewellery, not my shoes. Plus, I also like this combinaison to wear something a bit exceptional, and then dress down, as if it is so natural to wear these ;)

Speak with you tomorrow for more adventure!

** Jewellery: eBay

Top: Relax Garden (small shop close to Portobello market, London)

Jeans: 7forallMankind

Shoes: Steve Madden

Bag: Sandro (excellent French brand)

Makeup: blue marine tone from Bourgeois and loads of mascara (Diorshow, Iconic extreme)

14 thoughts on “Hollywood Jewellery for an Opera Night!

  1. Julia

    You’re a beautiful, young girl. You went to a fabulous Milano’s opera house. Flat shoes, jeans, big purse was probably not the best choice. Imagine if you wore some elegant pants or a skirt (long or knee length, flowing mmmmm), small clutch, and even a little kitty hills. You would look amazing next to that gorgeous opera house’s chair. Just a tip for a next time. I love you jewelry and makeup! Oh and Turkey photos are AMAZING! Next time I’m in Russia I’ll visit Turkey. Thank you for sharing you pictures.

    1. absolutelyfaaabulous Post author

      Thanks Julia for your comments! Well.. being French I normally prefer the ‘casual or effortlessly chic’ look over dressing up too much.. but you are the second person to tell me to make an effort and wear heels.. so i guess I will have to listen to you.. at least next time!

      1. Victoria Dalakishvili

        Hey honey!!! you know, you’re so sweet and beautiful that you could even wear a sack from potatoes but you would be still very pretty and charming, BUT for LA SCALA no jeans, omg!!!!!!! ok, maybe flat shoes can pass by the censor but jeans……jeansss –nooooo!!!!! It’s so fantastic you jewelry, your make-up, your HAIR…. and is so pity to depreciate all that with a pair of jeans!!! Well, let’s think that you were too much in hurry and just put on the first thing found…..Anyway now you have a great occasion to come back again;)))

      2. absolutelyfaaabulous Post author

        Jez… But French people do not dress up formally a lot like the Italian (or Russian??), you know! Our spirit is more “casual chic”. But ok ok.. you got me: TOTAL look coming up very soon (and for next Scala night definitely then..) ;)) And you’d better watch out cause will do it just because of YOU ALL!

    2. Victoria Dalakishvili

      OK, but I’m not talking about formal office pencil skirt or straight pants, some really simple dress with a little silk bow or plissed skirt would be more then enough….Come onnnn Cam…..show us or your potential;)))))))

  2. Angela De Felice

    I am so glad you discovered my blog! Thank you for your comment… it is exactly my motivation for creating inherent style in LA – so that people around the world can get to know the city without the usual fluff as portrayed by the media! I can see you are a little fascinated with Hollywood (the Hollywood jewelry!). You looked absolutely beautiful at the Opera. I know everyone’s concerned you were so casual – in LA that is de rigeure! I was a little surprised too but then , I’ve never been to La Scalla… When I went to Milan I saw The Red Hot Chilli Peppers (an LA band!) in concert! I’m pretty sure I wore jeans! Anyway, following on you Bloglover because your city, style and life fascinate me!


    1. absolutelyfaaabulous Post author

      Thanks hon! Will pass her on the comment ;)) And actually, I bought a little ring on Porto Vecchio the other day (it is a charming old bridge in Florence where goldsmiths and jewelers work since the 14th century!) who is kinda in the same spirit (though mine is not precious stone of course). Will show it to you very soon then!


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