The awful truth about Turkish Hammams..

Yesterday I promised you to tell you about my hamman experience here in Istanbul.. how is it really? How does it work?

Well, first thing to know is that you don’t need to take anything with you to go. They indeed provide you with a towel, fliflops.. and a cotton underwear! Avantage is that you can then pop by a hamman to try at any time and don’t need to carry anything with you for this. Also good to know is that most of the hammam places are not mixed. You will only be with other ladies & if you are with your boyfriend, you will be separated and will only meet up at the end.

Then, what does really happen? Well, you enter into a big beautiful old steam room. There you need to wait for at least 20 mn that all the pores of your skin really open up.. and only after this, a Turkish woman comes and exfoliates you with a special glove (everyone is provided with its own personal glove.. so it is clean but also it means that you can keep it afterwards.. so don’t leave it there and bring it back home!). The exfoliation is actually super strong (tough it did not hurt me at all) and what comes out of it is.. it is horrible but I must be honest and give you a true report.. lots of sort of what I called ‘spaghetti dirt’.. there are like little spaghettis of dirt that come out of your skin. AWFUL! I felt actually terribly ashamed but then they explained me that you can be the cleanest person in the world & have had as many regular exfoliations as you want before, still these sort of ‘spaghetti dirt’ will come out.. Anyway, awful experience but it is true that after, you feel like your whole skin is breathing like new again.. So that’s it. Below I put a few pics of adorable bathroom accessories that they sell here. Rest of the Turskih adventures tomorrow! Kiss everyone.

1 thought on “The awful truth about Turkish Hammams..

  1. Angela De Felice

    Fascinating! Spaghetti Dirt… so crazy! My boyfriend and I used to go to a hammam at The Palms Place resort in Vegas. They allow men and women – as long as they are in towels or bathing suits and they stream lovely music and it’s incredibly relaxing but no one comes to scrub out your spaghetti dirt! I feel jipped!!


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