Istanbul here I come!

Hi girls!

I am very excited cause tomorrow.. I am going to Istanbul for a whole week! I am going to visit one of my best friends who moved there almost a year ago now. So watch out for the live report on how-it-really-is-to-go-to-hammam over there (do you go fully naked?), how is Turkish fashion, the best addresses in town, the latest bargaining techniques at the bazar, how to smoke narghile the Turkish way, how do their crazy coffee tastes like & many more Turkish delights.. Cant’ wait!

In the meantime, as I spent most of my day doing laundry and preparing my bag and as I am a bit of a ‘bag maniac‘, I decided to show you a few pics of my bag… everything properly put in its own category of bag: the one for the shoes, the one for the underwear and socks (yes, I agree to mix both), the one for the beauty product, separate from the makeup one of course, one more for the jewellery and lastly one for all the cables (computer, mobile..). Just wanted to share this to see f there were any other ‘bag maniac’ out there or am I the only one? Cause my boyfriend definitely do not prepare his bag this way.. :)

Kiss from now and speak to you from Istanbul very soon!

** Bag: Lancel, Muji, Delormes, Dior & old tea bag from India

1 thought on “Istanbul here I come!

  1. Miki

    Have a blast in your trip! :D Traveling is the best!

    Thanks for dropping by and I’m glad you liked that photo editing site ;).

    Have an amazing week!



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