Bohemian Summer Shawl in Navigli

Today I went with my girlfriends to a charity sale in Navigli. Navigli is sort of Milan’s dock area, i.e. the only area in Milan which still has canals (Milan was full of them in the past.. picture something a bit like Venice). Old washouses which are now artist studios or antique shops board the canals (bars and restaurants take over in the evening – more on this soon).. it is a bit the bohemian area of Milan.

As the weather is a bit crazy here these days – is hot but then windy and cold all of a sudden – I decided that today was once again the perfect day for my most favourite shawl.. a shawl that I found during a trip to Iceland many years ago and which I have worn millions of time since, in winter.. and summer time (cause it is in cotton so not actually too too hot)!

** Shawl: Farmers Market

Jeans: Maje

T-shirt: Intimissimi

Shoes: (really old) River Island

Bag: Sandro

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