TopShop Top

Today I want to start to show you a few things that I found during my trip in London. So here it starts with this super cute summer knit top found at TopShop. Original for the summer no?

** Top: TopShop

Jeans: unknown brand from an outlet shop in NYC

Shoes: Converse

Bag: American Apparel

8 thoughts on “TopShop Top

  1. thisladybehaves

    Hi hon!!! thanks so much for your kind words! THANK YOU! By the way, I THINK YOU HAVE ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL FACES I KNOW! Seriously hon! And you look good in this outfit!!! BUT if i had to style you… IT WILL BE SO AWESOME!!! I would dress you in black sleeved dress and hang lots of accessories on you! RED LIPS AND SMOKEY EYES! With floppy hat!!! Anyway love, i’ll talk to you soon! KISSES

    1. absolutelyfaaabulous Post author

      Would LOVE you to style me.. or even better be one of your 100 TLBs team ;(

      But as this is physically not possible, well.. in the meantime, I’ll try red lips and smokey eyes for you soon.

      Big kiss hon!

    1. absolutelyfaaabulous Post author

      Thanks for the comments hon! But listen.. as I am still a bit new.. what do you mean by “follow you”? You mean on Facebook, Bloglovin, Twitter, simply the RSS? What is GFC?? Oh am ashamed.. but pls explain! Kiss hon.

      1. chantilly

        haha- i just mean i subscribe to certain blogs using a tool called google friend connect (gfc.) a lot of bloggers have it… i see you have bloglovin, but i do prefer to follow people through friend connect :) it’s a blogger tool by default, but i think there’s a way to install it onto your blog even though you have wordpress! i’ve seen others do it…

        here’s a tutorial i found online:

        hope you had a nice day :)


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