Burlesque experiences

As I promised you more on my “London adventures”, I guess I can not avoid to mention that we also all went to a Burlesque dance class for the hen party of my friend..

So.. how was it-how was it? Well.. not that bad/hard/humiliating actually. I don’t know if it was because we were all together at a private class or if it was because our teacher was great, but really, I think we all managed to do something quite cute at the end. Of course, this did not come without hard work and many feathers lost on the battle field.

So… in case you felt like improvising a little routine for your man tonight, here are the rules to Burlesque (according to my teacher, not to me obviously..):

1. Pick up the type of character you want to be. It should be something sexy of course but also a bit funny and comical.

2. Chose a name. Miss Evie Lovelle, Lola Bel AireMichelle l’Amour, the very famous Dita Von Teese.. have fun at making up your own!

3. Start to develop a style around this character and pick up accessories and clothing. To dress burlesque is to dress like a lady with a naughty side. So think feather boas, satin gloves, stockings, vintage corsets. And find something to play with: an umbrella, a chair.. or maybe a giant martini glass if like Dita you have one of these in your kitchen (not obviously my case so had fun with a chair).

4. Make up a playlist of songs. The CD we had was called “Take it Off! Strip Tease Classic” and it was good. Click this link to listen to sample and start to feel it!

5. Watch videos to find ideas to make up your own routine. Think tease and seduction! To get inspire, watch the amazing performance of Dita Von Teese for the Crazy Horse or watch maybe also her very famous Martini Glass Performance.. but that is seriously hot I am warning you!

As far as my own performance is concerned, well.. I had some serious problems learning how to blink but, apart from this, was ok (at least according to my very best friends..).

Viva Burlesque!!

4 thoughts on “Burlesque experiences

  1. Fat & Curly

    Hello Absolutely Faaabulous,

    I found your blog on Little Latina Fashionista’s blog. It seems like you’re really enjoying yourself. I’ve never been to London, yet alone any place outside of the U.S. If you want to check out my blog here is a link for it and I’ll make sure to add you to my bookmarked list :)



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