Hello and welcome to my little blog !

I am a 31 years old French girl living in Milan.. well in between 2 trips cause I love travelling !

I have been introduced to the blog world by my friend, Fleur, and loved absolutely every single thing about it but was dying to do more than just read and wanted to try to become an active member of this community of  what looks to me like a group of amazingly dynamic, brave, funny, creative people.

With my legal training (yes.. I am a lawyer), I have absolutely no arty/fashion/design background to help me in this adventure but I am not afraid of challenges and am naturally very enthusiastic so I just wanted to try and use this blog to share with others my entousiasm for all the beautiful things I see in life and learn a lot from you guys !

So yes, this blog will hopefully be about all the ‘absolutely faaabulous’ things in life : from the original fashion details one can notice on people in the street or in the window of a shop, to the inspiring decoration of a new bar, the amazing things one can discover and see when travelling or the pleasure of conducting a comparative analysis of the latest patisseries in Paris..

That’s all for now. Let the adventure begins and please.. wish me good luck!

An apprentice blogger,

Miss J.

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